Dennis Petersen was born and raised in Fort Myers Fl. When he was a teenager, he always said that one day he wanted to start his own clothing line.
Throughout the years he went through many phases of his life, many ups and downs. He struggled with the concept of dealing with life on life’s terms, growing up and being the leader that God and his family wanted him to be. He made a lot of positive changes in his life and moved to Sarasota, Florida. He was very motivated and after working very hard  for a few years, he was blessed with 2 successful businesses.

It was around that time when he realized he was not getting any younger and it was time to make the move. That day in February of 2011 Get N After It was first thought of and created. From that point forward, his hard work and dedication and most importantly he was blessed by God, family and a few great friends which allowed him to start this apparel brand and he was given the ability to design, create and make his own product right there in Sarasota Florida.


Mission Statement


To Motivate And Inspire You To Work Hard, Chase Your Dreams And Never Give Up!



Relates To All Aspects Of Your Life. It's Simply A Statement Of Action!


No Matter What You Are Trying To Accomplish In Your Life Always Remember To Push Forward, Be A Leader And Inspire Others To



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